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Award-Winning Southern Hemisphere Oils Are Here!

The southern hemisphere oils are flowing in and they are fantastic!  Four new ones are on the shelf with more arriving next week.

Hojiblanca (Australia) - this aromatic oil is floral and grassy with a moderately pungent finish.  Winner of the coveted "Best of Class" award at the 2013 New York Olive Oil Competition.

Picual (Australia) - fruity and grassy with notes of green tomato and low bitterness.  Also a "Best of Class" winner at the New York competition.

Picual (Peru) - green and fruity with notes of parsley and a lingering peppery finish.  Another "Best of Class" winner!

Mediterranean Oils are on the Shelves!

The Mediterranean oils are back in stock! We are thrilled to present these ultra premium oils from Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece, including two organic varieties.

Nocellara - This organic oil from Italy is mild and fruity with middle notes of avocado and berry, low bitterness and a slight peppery finish.

Picual - The award-winning Oro Bailen estate in Spain has produced this early harvest oil that has notes 
of green olive and green tea with moderate pungency and bitterness.

Cobrancosa - This unique Portuguese oil is fruity, green, herbaceous and floral all at once!  Extremely complex and layered with creamy flavors that linger.

Koroneiki - From Greece comes this herbal and extremely floral oil with lingering green banana notes 
on the finish.

Cerasuola - This is another organic oil from Italy:  very fruity and creamy with notes of melon and citrus and ample pungency.

Early harvest California oils are on the shelf!

It's that time of year when we say goodbye to the last harvest and welcome in the new.  Three early harvest extra virgin olive oils from California have arrived and there's something for every olive oil lover.

-  a mild Koroneiki that is well-balanced with herbal notes, minimal bitterness and a pungent finish
-  a medium intensity Arbequina has the aroma of fresh cut grass with middle notes of spearmint and a peppery finish
-  a big bold Mission with notes of green tomato, ample bitterness and a spicy finish, not to mention an "off the chart" polyphenol count of 614!

Come in for a sample and see why we change our inventory every 6 months - fresh is best!

New Southern Hemisphere Arrivals

The first of the new harvest southern hemisphere oils are in stock!  

-  An Italian varietal Leccino produced in Chile is rich, creamy and malty on the front, moderate bitterness in the center and has a bold, peppery finish.  

-  Very smooth and well-balanced, the mild Australian Picual has fruity, tropical and ripe olive notes.  

Both of these ultra premium EVOOs were pressed in May making them the freshest oils you can get anywhere in the world!

Italian Oils are in Stock!

Our northern hemisphere inventory is now complete with the arrival of two new oils from Italy!  The Favalosa is green and grassy with notes of berries and a peppery finish.  The Ogliarola is creamy and herbaceous with a hint of chicory and a pungent finish.  Both are medium intensity and fine examples of premium Italian extra virgin olive oils.

New Mediterranean oils are on the shelf!

Three new Mediterranean oils are filling the fustis this week.  The prized Cobrancosa varietal from Portugal is a big bold  EVOO.  It's delightfully floral, fruity and creamy with ample bitterness and a pungent finish.  A medium intensity Hojiblanca from Spain is very fruity and grassy with notes of apple peel on the front and a moderate pepper finish.  We also have a robust Spanish Hojiblanca that's very fragrant with a strong peppery finish.  Stop by and sample these super fresh new oils!

Sweet Black Cherry Balsamic Vinegar

Our new balsamic vinegar, Sweet Black Cherry, has a rich, ripe cherry flavor.  Delicious with composed salads, fruits and aged cheeses, and makes a wonderful glaze for pork, beef and lamb.  Drizzle over ice cream and berries for a refreshing treat.

Oil Pairings:  Meyer Lemon, Blood Orange, Persian Lime, Rich Roasted Garlic,
                   Smoky Chipotle Pepper,  French Roasted Walnut Oil

Early Harvest California Oils Are Here!

It's that time of year when we bring in the newly pressed oils from the northern hemisphere growers.  We just received two outstanding estate produced oils from California pressed just four weeks ago.  The olio nuovo (early harvest) Arbequina is herbaceous with medium pepper and the Arbosana is creamy, fruity and grassy green.  Look for Mediterranean oils to arrive over the next few weeks.  Stop by for a taste!

Two New Balsamic Vinegars

Two new balsamic vinegars have arrived for the holidays!

Cranberry Pear is clean and tart with a complex, fruity bouquet.  Use as a glaze for poultry and meats, in vinaigrettes, marinades and drizzled over fresh fruit.  Pairs beautifully with Blood Orange, Meyer Lemon, Persian Lime and French Roasted Walnut extra virgin olive oils.

Savory Oregano  is crisp  and aromatic with a fresh oregano flavor.  It’s the perfect complement to a variety of oils and creates delightful vinaigrettes and marinades. Especially good with Tuscan Bouquet, Rich Roasted Garlic, Savory Sage and Mushroom and any of the citrus-fused extra virgin olive oils.

Robust oils from Chile are here!

These two first fruit extra virgin olive oils from Chile are extremely robust - what we call "two cougher" oils due to their off-the-chart polyphonel counts - the natural antioxidants that make these oils so healthy. They were both pressed in May making them the freshest oils on the market today and perfect for anyone who likes a "big oil."

The FS17 Frantoio is fruity and smooth on the front with lingering pepper on the back.  Polyphenols - 435.

The Picual has notes of green tomato on the vine.  It is extremely pungent and peppery with a well-balanced bitterness.   Polyphenols - 660.  

Two New Southern Hemisphere Oils

Two more ultra premium southern hemisphere oils arrived this week:

The new Arbequina from Chile is delicate and grassy with a lovely floral aroma.  It's smooth and well-balanced with a slight pungency on the finish.

The Australian Coratina is a medium intensity oil with a fruity aroma, slight pleasing bitterness on the front and a moderate pepper finish.

New Southern Hemisphere Oils

First harvest oils from the southern hemisphere have arrived and they are outstanding!  At the recent Los Angelos International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition with over 600 entrants, two of the Australian oils won “Best in Show” and a third won a Gold Medal in its division.  We are proud to be the only store in Houston carrying these ultra premium oils!

Our Hojiblanca won “Best in Show” in the delicate intensity category.  It has a decidedly grassy nose with notes of strawberry and peach on the front.  This oil is creamy and sweet yet has a desirable pungency on the back.

The Picual won “Best in Show” in the medium intensity category.  It has the aroma of green olives with slight bitterness on the front, moderate pepper on the back and a clean finish.

The Koroneiki was a Gold Medal winner in the medium intensity category.  It has the aroma of fresh cut grass with hints of tropical fruit, a pleasing bitterness in the middle and a grassy finish.

The bold intensity Picholine has a ripe olive flavor with hints of green tomato.  It’s herbaceous and spicy with ample lingering pepper. 

Three New Balsamic Vinegars

We've had many requests for an apple balsamic vinegar and we are happy to report that it arrived this week along with two other delicious flavor-infused vinegars. Fustis are full with Red Apple Orchard, Lemongrass Mint and Sicilian Lemon ready for tasting!      

Red Apple Orchard
This aromatic, fruity vinegar adds a refreshing lift to salads, sauces and vegetables, as well as chicken, pork and fish.  Drizzle over baked apples for a healthy treat.

Lemongrass Mint
This tart, crisp balsamic is delicious in vinaigrettes and as a marinade for chicken and seafood.  Add hot Thai chiles and fresh cilantro for an Asian inspired marinade or dipping sauce.  

Sicilian Lemon
Sweet Sicilian lemons infuse white balsamic vinegar creating a clean, lemony flavor that complements seafood, chicken, fruit and vegetables.  Pairs beautifully with our EVOOS in marinades and vinaigrettes.  

New Products

Two new northern hemisphere extra virgin olive oils arrived this week and they are both outstanding.  A medium intensity Hojiblanca from Spain is fruity and smooth with a slight bitterness in the middle and pepper on the back.  A big bold Frantoio Verde is in from California and has a herbaceous, grassy and peppery profile.   Off the chart polypohenols (natural antioxidants) create a strong lingering finish.  

If you like the Smoky Chipotle Pepper EVOO, you're in for a treat.  We now offer a spicy (and I mean spicy!) Tunisian Harissa infused with chili peppers, coriander, caraway, cumin and garlic.  Popular in Middle Eastern dishes, it makes a great marinade for chicken and beef and adds gentle heat to soups, stews, rice and eggs.

We invite you to stop by and try these ultra fresh, premium oils.