Single Varietal Extra Virgin Olive Oils

We feature award-winning and estate-produced extra virgin olive oils from around the world. Just like a fine wine, each has a unique, distinctive flavor profile. Because olive oil is always best when fresh, we only import oils from the most recent harvests in the northern and southern hemispheres to ensure maximum flavor, healthy nutrients and extended shelf-life.

Infused and Fused Olive Oils

We carry an array of extra virgin olive oils that are infused with all natural ingredients like herbs, herb blends, garlic, spicy peppers and citrus. Try the classic Tuscan Bouquet infused with Italian style herbs, the spicy Smoky Chipotle Pepper, or Savory Sage and Mushroom, to name a few. Our fused or “agrumato” oils are produced by crushing olives and fresh fruit, herbs or peppers together at the mill.